Dedicated to the promotion of American founding principles, the rule of law, and the preservation of liberty. The Center for Law & Liberty at HBU consists of dedicated teachers, scholars, and lawyers who defend the principles that make America an exceptional nation.








We’ll bring Philadelphia to Houston by building a replica of Independence Hall on the HBU campus!  This majestic and historic building will serve as a classroom for students taking courses in history, politics, and law.  It will be an educational destination for schoolkids in Houston and throughout the state.








The Liberty Teaching Theater in Independence Hall will be utilized by students and school groups studying our nation’s history, our Founding Documents, and American government. This is where the American story begins, and we want Houstonians and Texans to experience it firsthand.








Many young people want to be lawyers, go into public service, or run for office. The Nancy and Paul Pressler Courtroom in Independence Hall will be used for teaching classes in law, jurisprudence, and criminal justice with an emphasis on ethics, liberty, and the rule of law.





The Center for Law & Liberty

Promoting American Founding Principles, the Rule of Law, the Preservation of Liberty, and Free Enterprise

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Help us bring students to HBU to get an education grounded in the principles of limited government, the rule of law, and liberty.

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The Center for Law & Liberty is a nonpartisan organization affiliated with Houston Baptist University.