The Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty


Educate the next generation of leaders in the principles of liberty, constitutionalism, and free enterprise.


Support educators and teachers by providing workshops on American History and our nation's Founding Principles.


Defend the principles that make America an exceptional nation by promoting the study of American history and our Founding documents.


Inspire diverse groups of Texans to discuss the importance of our Founding Principles in a nation dedicated to liberty and justice for all.

Priorities for the Center include the following:


Scholarships –Endow scholarships so students interested in law, criminal justice, and government can come to HBU and get a rigorous education rooted in the concepts of constitutionalism and free markets. Scholarship support will not only provide a life-changing opportunity for a young person, but will ensure that the education he or she receives will be based on the principles that have served this country well.

Community Outreach – Promote the study of American History and our nation’s Founding Principles to students, educators, civic organizations, and business leaders.  We host constitutional academies for Houston-area students, lectures for civics groups, and workshops for teachers.  We want to endow these educational programs to reach as many Texans as possible.

Landmark Facility – We will build on the HBU campus a classroom building modeled after Independence Hall so that school children and college students can take classes and hear lectures in the very building where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were created.  Independence Hall at HBU will be an educational destination for all Texans.

Steve Edenbo portraying Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Chris Hammons, Director of the Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty and Professor of Government at HBU.