Community Outreach and Education

Constitutionalism is a culture.  Like food, language, or religion it must be passed down from generation to generation.  If it is not, it will be forgotten.

We offer lectures, summer camps, and mock constitutional conventions for school kids and young people so that they can learn about, discuss, and apply the concepts of liberty, limited government, and free enterprise.  These academic adventures are  guided by our award-winning faculty who hold doctoral degrees.   These events are tailored with age appropriate activities and content to make sure that participants leave with a better understanding of American Founding Principles.

We’ve also partnered with other organizations to present workshops on constitutional principles to area history, government, and social studies teachers.  These workshops focus on content knowledge and teaching strategies and provide an opportunity for teachers to ask question from experts in the fields of history and government.

The Center for Law & Liberty also offers public lectures, seminars, and events for Houstonians interested in issues of constitutionalism, liberty, and free enterprise.