Independence Hall at HBU

An Educational Destination for all of Houston

An Educational Destination

Independence Hall at HBU will be an educational destination for school groups and civics organizations throughout the state.  We want people from all over the city to come see where the American story starts.   Independence Hall will be a landmark for the city of Houston, and stand as an outward and visible symbol of HBU’s commitment to honor the wisdom of Founding Fathers and to promote American Founding Principles.

The Liberty Teaching Theater

The Independence Hall Teaching Theater will host classes and lectures for HBU students and area school groups on topics such as the American Founding, the Constitution, and important principles such as liberty, the rule of law, constitutionalism, equality, and free enterprise.


The HBU Law Courtroom

Our legal heritage is the lynchpin for our constitutional republic.  Independence Hall at is an opportunity for HBU students and area school groups to learn more about the rule of law in a real courtroom and will provide an excellent practice venue for our award-winning Mock Trial team!